Bio-D Bed Bug Control

YMCA Kuala Lumpur is an autonomous non-profit charity organization, founded on 27th October 1905. Located in Brickfields, it boasts of a 4-storey hostel block with 57 rooms and conference facilities.

YMCA Kuala Lumpur has used Bio-D Bed Bug Control since November 2014 and has the following to say:

“We use the 4L Bio-D Bed Bug Control Elimination Kit for prevention and treatment of bed bug infestations in our facility and have found it to be very effective in controlling bed bugs.

It’s more economical than pest controllers and very convenient because our own staff can manage the treatment. The scent is also soothing and not too strong but most importantly it’s an environment-friendly, non-toxic product that is safe for our guests. We are satisfied with this product and would highly recommend it. Overall, on a scale of 1 (not effective) to 10 (very effective) we would give Bio-D Bed Bug Control a 9".

YMCA Kuala Lumpur

 Bio-D Insect Control Surface Spray

I bought Bio-D Insect Control because it repels without poison. Using it has been an absolute breeze and it comforts me to know that while the insects are repelled, I am not breathing in any harmful chemicals. It is a bit on the high end but balances off knowing it is safe. I am well satisfied, highly recommended.

Ms YY Mun

Mousticide RH

ORIGIN Exterminators are one of Singapore's leading pest controllers having been in the business for 23 years. Dedicated to providing the ‘best fit’ for their clients, Origin is committed to "utilizing the latest science and technology available in the pest management industry."

In April 2014, ORIGIN implemented MOUSTICIDE WP in their fight against mosquitoes and dengue in some of Singapore's most iconic destinations, including:

• Singapore Zoological Gardens
• Night Safari
• River Safari
• Jurong Bird Park
• Gardens by the Bay
• Resorts World Sentosa

These locations present the significant challenge of ensuring the resident flora and fauna are preserved. Conventional mosquito control methods (e.g. fogging) damages biodiversity and is not suited for such demanding environments. MOUSTICIDE WP however, meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy because it is non-toxic to non-target organisms and maintains 100% mortality for up to 30 days. MOUSTICIDE WP also exceeds Singapore's stringent safety requirements, with its active ingredient TMOF being deemed so safe it was exempted from NEA (National Environmental Agency) regulation.

When asked about the success of MOUSTICIDE in ORIGIN's operations and its acceptance in Singapore, Carl Baptista (ORIGIN Director & Head of Research and Development) stated:

"To answer your question simply, the product has not given us any negative feedback and the transition has been smooth overall. MOUSTICIDE has given us the ability to offer our customers a next generation product which is environmentally safe and satisfies all my clients' expectations.“

N.B MOUSTICIDE WP uses the same active ingredients as MOUSTICIDE RH. It is a powder formulation designed to be sprayed in large areas whereas MOUSTICIDE RH is a granule formulation designed for direct application to mosquito breeding spots.

ORIGIN Exterminators